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In the last 10 years or so and in light of this increasing demand, Sleipner Motor has further developed its strategy in supplying the semi-custom and bespoke superyacht and commercial markets with ever more powerful hydraulic thrusters.

While many of the leading producers of large yachts up to about 30m length are already using our complete hydraulic systems. What sets us apart from ‘traditional’ thruster suppliers in the 30m+ market is our already established and reliable manufacturing process in-house, brought about through years of experience serving the volume production boat market - a byword for cost-efficiency and quality.

In simple terms, our two new large thrusters – SH1000 and SH1400 which cater for vessels from 30m to around 52m length, can be produced and supplied more efficiently and more cost-effectively than equivalent products from many of our competitors, who are simply not as ‘at home’ with the manufacturing process as we are.

The SH1000 delivers 1000kg of thrust in a 20 inch (513mm) inside diameter tunnel, while the SH1400 delivers 1400 kg of thrust in a 24 inch (610mm) inside diameter tunnel. Both thrusters are fitted with counter-rotating bronze Q-prop 5-blade ‘skew’ propellers, which are highly energy efficient and have very silent operating characteristics.

Both models are fully Type Approved by Det Norske Veritas, and can be delivered in two versions; either hydraulically powered or via AC electric motor. Our thruster systems are controlled by the S-link ‘intelligent’ control system, benefitting from all of the advantages of a bus-based digital control system. The S-link system also has the unique ability to ”mix-and-match” AC and hydraulic thrusters - so that as an example, an AC driven bow thruster can be combined with a hydraulic stern thruster.

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